Newcastle Officers Earn Lifesaver Awards
Posted on 09/02/2020

A Message From the Newcastle Police Department

We recently handed out several awards to your Newcastle officers for actions around our community. We take our commitment to safety and great policework very seriously and wanted to let you know about these various actions of your officers.

Deputy Strack was commended for saving the life of an unresponsive female without a pulse. Strack arrived and immediately began CPR while Bellevue Fire personnel set up and ultimately were able to provide further emergency aid. Bellevue Fire command on scene commended Strack's quick action and confirmed that it directly resulted in saving this woman's life.

Deputy Ho (pictured here) responded with one of our King County unincorporated deputies to a report of a suicidal male. Ho arrived and found the male actively attempting to hang himself. Ho's partner held the male up by his feet while Ho removed the rope from the male's neck and pulled him down. This quick action resulted in the male being saved from death and ultimately sent for the mental help he needed.

Detective Leyba received a quality policing award for leading a large scale animal abuse case that spanned across three counties in Puget Sound. Over a hundred horses were saved from various stages of animal cruelty and abuse, including over 20 in Detective Leyba's immediate case, and the suspect was charged with multiple felony counts of animal cruelty. This commitment to a difficult and complex case was a huge win for good policework in the Puget Sound area.

Thank you all for continuing to partner with our agency and we look forward to continue providing you excellent police services Newcastle!

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