New Signage Coming to All City Parks
Posted on 12/17/2019

Coming to a Newcastle park near you (if it hasn’t already)…NEW PARK SIGNS!

Newcastle’s 17 parks will finally share consistent signage, uniting our community’s jewel of a park system under one design. Under the current conditions, some parks have green entry signs, others have developer-designed signs absent of regulatory information, and some don’t have any signage. City maintenance staff will continue installing the new signs at each park throughout the month of December.

The new signs have a maroon background with white lettering. With safety in mind, the entry signs are outfitted in a powder-coated metal frame with 90-degree edges that make for a safer alternative to exposed sheet-metal edges.

The volunteer Community Activities Commission worked with City staff to come up with recommendations for the scope, character and design of the signs. Consistency in graphics and regulatory information, a physical structure design that’s safe for the public, creating a sense of place and completing the project at a reasonable cost, were all important project objectives.


- While the signs themselves were updated, the text on the regulatory signage for park and playground rules did not change.

- We’ve heard about some confusion on Nextdoor regarding a park sign that reads “no pets allowed.” First, leashed pets are of course welcome in our parks! The sign that read “no pets allowed” was specifically regarding Playground Rules. We ask that you keep pets off of the playgrounds.

- Please remember that pets MUST be on a leash.

- You are also responsible for picking up your pet’s waste. Pet waste contains harmful organisms like E.coli, Giardia, and roundworms which that can be transmitted to people and pets if not cleaned up. When it rains, pet waste gets washed down the storm drain and into the nearest stream or lake. The organisms in dog waste can pollute our streams, creeks, and lakes, making our favorite places to swim and play unsafe. Luckily, the solution to this problem is quite simple. All you have to do is: 1. scoop your dog’s waste, 2. put it in a bag, 3. put it in the trash.

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