The Neighborhood Forum is an effort to increase, broaden and maintain communication between residents and its City government. The object of the Neighborhood Forum is to strengthen Newcastle by establishing communication among the neighborhoods, encouraging and supporting the neighborhoods through shared resources, providing neighborhood advocacy to the elected and appointed officials and informing and educating residents regarding common issues.

The meetings are informal and friendly and, open to all homeowners associations, neighborhood representatives and citizens who are interested in attending.

Click on the image below to download a larger, PDF version of the neighborhood map.

Newcastle neighborhood map

Who is Welcome to attend the meetings?
Anyone who can adequately represent his or her neighborhood or has been selected by his or her neighborhood organization is welcome to attend. Neighborhood representatives are asked to communicate back to their neighbors the information obtained at each meeting.

What is the focus of each meeting?
City staff provides updates on major project and the guest speaker covers a subject of importance to the neighborhoods. The exchange of information between neighborhood representatives and city staff is the focus of each meeting. Neighborhood representatives hear first hand from staff about issues that impact their neighborhoods and city staff hears firsthand the concerns of neighborhoods. Neighborhood representatives are welcomed and encouraged to make suggestions for topics of discussion.

How do my neighbors and I declare ourselves a neighborhood?
The City does not have established criteria to be met before a group of neighbors may declare themselves a neighborhood. If you and your neighbors share common concerns and feel a sense of community, then you can simply get together and agree to consider that your homes constitute a neighborhood. From the City's perspective, you are welcome to declare yourselves a neighborhood and send representatives to the quarterly meetings of the Neighborhood Forum.

Some neighborhoods have adopted covenants, codes and restrictions (CC&R's) that were put in place by the developer at the time the neighborhood was originally platted and developed. CC&R's typically require the creation of a homeowners association. In these cases, the neighborhood boundaries are specified on the recorded plat and in the incorporation documents of the homeowners association and it probably makes the most sense to base your neighborhood on these boundaries. Please note that the City does not have any role in enforcing a neighborhood's CC&R's.

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