Newcastle Police Pedestrian Safety Campaign
Posted on 06/19/2019


As summer begins and the weather gets “nicer”, kids get out of school and more people go out for walks, runs, and bike rides, NPD would like to remind everyone that this can be a dangerous time on the roads, sidewalks, and crosswalks for everyone if we don’t all do our part.

That is why we will be taking part in a pedestrian safety campaign beginning 6/19 and running through the end of July. Officers will be closely monitoring intersections and crosswalks around Newcastle looking for violations that jeopardize pedestrian safety.

We want to remind drivers that when you come to an intersection whether it is controlled by a stop light, stop sign, or not controlled at all, please check and double check for pedestrians crossing the street. When turning, check for pedestrians crossing the street, bikers in the bike lanes.

We also want to remind folks that when you are sitting at a red light waiting for it to turn green, it is still illegal for you to be on your phone.

Drivers, did you know that in marked crosswalks pedestrians have the right of way and you must stop completely to wait for them to cross? For exact rules please check the links attached.

Pedestrians, did you know it is illegal to cross between two intersections with marked crosswalks? Did you know that once the do not walk sign starts flashing it is illegal to enter the crosswalk/begin crossing the street? Did you know that regardless of age in King County, you are required to wear a helmet when you are riding a bike?

Check the links below for full explanation of the the RCWs

RCW 46.61.688 (Safety belts, use required—Penalties—Exemptions): 
RCW 46.61.672 (Using a personal electronic device while driving):
RCW 46.61.235 (Crosswalks):
RCW 46.61.240 (Crossing at other than crosswalks): 
Bicycle Safety:

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