Almost all of the documents produced during the conduct of city business are open to public inspection and copying and are considered "public records." Some exemptions exist, but the City Clerk's office is committed to the highest degree of transparency permitted in the conduct of Newcastle's government. Our office will respond to your request in the most expedient way possible and maintain communication during the processing of your request.

As required by state law, the city will respond within five business days of receiving a request by:

1. Providing the record
2. Acknowledging receipt of the request and providing a reasonable estimate of time required to respond
3. Providing a redacted record, or
4. Denying the request in part or in full

If a request is redacted or denied, the specific exemptions that apply will be provided. To receive a request form, printed copies of public records or additional information regarding the process, contact the City Clerk, who is also the city's public records officer.

Records Request Form
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